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By using our complimentary mobile song request system, you agree to adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. Specify the Artist & Song Name
    Given the variety of remakes available, it's crucial to include both the name of the artist and the song in your request. This detail helps the DJ find the song you're looking for. Also, please limit yourself to one song request per text to keep things clear and manageable.

  2. Be Polite
    Avoid using profanity towards the DJ, being rude, or demanding behavior. A friendly request is always appreciated. Understand that song requests are not played in the order received. The DJ curates the playlist to meet the organizer's requirements and maintain the event's energy and flow, selecting tracks that best fit the moment.

  3. Special Requests
    If there's a song you simply must hear, you're welcome to approach the DJ booth **after** you've submitted your request, doing so with respect and without interrupting the performance.

If you feel we did an excellent job, tips are always appreciated! You can show your appreciation through Venmo or cash. Your support acknowledges our hard work! 

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Please remember that we cater to a diverse audience with varying musical tastes and preferences. We strive to please as many attendees as possible, balancing the needs of different age groups and generations. We're here to ensure everyone enjoys themselves. Let's embrace the musical journey and make the most of the event together!

- The B & A MediaTech Team!

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